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Wordpress theme generator is back!

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

After changing the server I had few issues trying to put the website 0nline… So  if you tried to access the generator last week, you had this forbiden page!

I apologize!

Now the generator is back, enjoy!

    What’s new in Wordpress 2.8 ?

    Sunday, March 8th, 2009

    The last version of wordpress is going to be released March 9th, that means tomorow. Wordpress 2.8 will bring a bunch of new functionnalities in the admin panel, but also in the blog’s layout.

    So let’s see what are the new main features:

    • Integration of an code editor: It concerns the integration of a new javascript library to make it easier to change the themes and plugins online.
    • Evolution of the wordpress taxonomy: This evolution makes the wordpress API more flexible and powerfull
    • Better performances concerning the data base and javascript
    • Themes installation from the admin panel : Since wordpress 2.7 it’s possible to install plugins without having to upload the files on his ftp. They basicly made the same for the themes. It means that you will be able to install a theme created by our worpdress theme generator, without having to connect to your ftp!

    There is of course much more new features and enhancements, you can check it here :