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Wordpress theme generator v0.3 : playing with fonts

Friday, January 16th, 2009

I think one of the big lack of this generator is that there was no way to change the font properties of the elements!

- I just fixed that in this new update! YHAAA Example :
wordpress theme generator font element
You can change at least the font family, size and the color of each font element! I think that’s the minimum, adding more feature is for the moment not necessary.

- You can also independently change the properties of the blogs Title and Description:
wordpress theme generator header element

- In order to keep the generator as ergonomic as possible (not so easy with all tese new features…) and not to get lost, all the sections will be hidden at start. To display/hide it, just click on it!
wordpressthemegenerator coldapsedcontent

  • Francais

Wordpress theme generator update 2

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

I’ve been adding some corrections and more features the past week to improve the engine:

- You can now change the blog title and description:

Note that this will have no impact on your final blog. This is just to test as preview while working on the theme.

- add border element to each section:

- You can also hide/show some features within a section by clicking on the title (title, font, links, …). This way, you can have a better overview on all the features and maybe avoid to get lost!!

If you have ideas of usefull features I should had soon, just let me know by contacting me.

have fun using the wordpress theme generator :p

  • Francais