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Wordpress theme generator update 1

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Over 250 Themes have been generated since the launch of the generator, about 1 month ago. Thank you all guys!
To help you giving more creativity to your themes, I worked on the generator to fix some bugs and improve some functionalities.

Bugs fixed:
- Theme name with spaces caused a bug when generating the theme
- Background attachment was not working
- The color picker on the title in the content section couldn’t be displayed

- You can now customize the layout of images in the main part of your blog. This is available under the “content” section in the generator:

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getting ready for wordpress 2.7

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

After lots of tests and beta versions, the new major version of wordpress 2.7 is going to be released December 10th… that means tomorrow!

If you want to switch over to this new version or install it for your new blog, i’m happy to announce that the themes generated by our generator are fully compatible with Wordpress 2.7!

Here are some links to get prepared:

  • Wordpress 2.7 Core Update Host Compatibility
  • Wordpress 2.7 Plugins Compatibility
  • Getting started with wordpress
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Free generated wordpress themes

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

If you just installed wordpress and still have the default theme, here are 3 simple and original ones that you can download and start with!
They have been created by our generator and are totaly free. You can even modify theme to perfectly match your tastes or generate your own here : generate your own worpdress theme.

Download Blue Ice Theme

Download pink Theme

Download greenBlue theme

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