Wordpress theme generator is back!

June 14th, 2009

After changing the server I had few issues trying to put the website 0nline… So  if you tried to access the generator last week, you had this forbiden page!

I apologize!

Now the generator is back, enjoy!

    What’s new in Wordpress 2.8 ?

    March 8th, 2009

    The last version of wordpress is going to be released March 9th, that means tomorow. Wordpress 2.8 will bring a bunch of new functionnalities in the admin panel, but also in the blog’s layout.

    So let’s see what are the new main features:

    • Integration of an code editor: It concerns the integration of a new javascript library to make it easier to change the themes and plugins online.
    • Evolution of the wordpress taxonomy: This evolution makes the wordpress API more flexible and powerfull
    • Better performances concerning the data base and javascript
    • Themes installation from the admin panel : Since wordpress 2.7 it’s possible to install plugins without having to upload the files on his ftp. They basicly made the same for the themes. It means that you will be able to install a theme created by our worpdress theme generator, without having to connect to your ftp!

    There is of course much more new features and enhancements, you can check it here : http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_2.8.

      Temporarily save a theme!

      March 3rd, 2009

      As designing a nice theme could take a good amount of time, I thought that adding a save function could be useful. In other words, you can start designing a theme, save it, leave the site / turn off your computer and resume editing the theme at another time. Isn’t that great?

      Here’s how it works:
      1- start customizing the layout of your theme as usual.
      2- click on “Save!” (at the bottom of the generator) and close your browser
      3- open your browser and go to the generator’s url: http://theme-generator.net/wordpress
      A modal window should appear and ask you what you want to do with the theme you previously saved.
      modalbox savedtheme

      Be aware that the themes are only stored for 10 days on your computer and you have to make sure that cookies are allowed!

      that’s all. When you are satisfied with your theme, click on “generate” to get the zip file.

        Wordpress theme generator v0.4 : new color schemes

        February 12th, 2009

        Simple but convenient update!
        I’ve been replacing the suggestions of color schemes by better ones. The previous ones were not good enough and I don’t think you would have use it on your blog :p
        These are good basis to start with for your own theme. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

        I’m already working on the next and bigger update, but for now I miss some time to complete it.
        It will basicly handle with ading some more features around the theme generation… I can’t tell more, just give me some time :)

        • Francais

        Wordpress theme generator v0.3 : playing with fonts

        January 16th, 2009

        I think one of the big lack of this generator is that there was no way to change the font properties of the elements!

        - I just fixed that in this new update! YHAAA Example :
        wordpress theme generator font element
        You can change at least the font family, size and the color of each font element! I think that’s the minimum, adding more feature is for the moment not necessary.

        - You can also independently change the properties of the blogs Title and Description:
        wordpress theme generator header element

        - In order to keep the generator as ergonomic as possible (not so easy with all tese new features…) and not to get lost, all the sections will be hidden at start. To display/hide it, just click on it!
        wordpressthemegenerator coldapsedcontent

        • Francais

        Wordpress theme generator update 2

        January 1st, 2009

        I’ve been adding some corrections and more features the past week to improve the engine:

        - You can now change the blog title and description:

        Note that this will have no impact on your final blog. This is just to test as preview while working on the theme.

        - add border element to each section:

        - You can also hide/show some features within a section by clicking on the title (title, font, links, …). This way, you can have a better overview on all the features and maybe avoid to get lost!!

        If you have ideas of usefull features I should had soon, just let me know by contacting me.

        have fun using the wordpress theme generator :p

        • Francais

        Wordpress theme generator update 1

        December 27th, 2008

        Over 250 Themes have been generated since the launch of the generator, about 1 month ago. Thank you all guys!
        To help you giving more creativity to your themes, I worked on the generator to fix some bugs and improve some functionalities.

        Bugs fixed:
        - Theme name with spaces caused a bug when generating the theme
        - Background attachment was not working
        - The color picker on the title in the content section couldn’t be displayed

        - You can now customize the layout of images in the main part of your blog. This is available under the “content” section in the generator:

        • Francais

        getting ready for wordpress 2.7

        December 9th, 2008

        After lots of tests and beta versions, the new major version of wordpress 2.7 is going to be released December 10th… that means tomorrow!

        If you want to switch over to this new version or install it for your new blog, i’m happy to announce that the themes generated by our generator are fully compatible with Wordpress 2.7!

        Here are some links to get prepared:

        • Wordpress 2.7 Core Update Host Compatibility
        • Wordpress 2.7 Plugins Compatibility
        • Getting started with wordpress
        • Francais

        Free generated wordpress themes

        December 6th, 2008

        If you just installed wordpress and still have the default theme, here are 3 simple and original ones that you can download and start with!
        They have been created by our generator and are totaly free. You can even modify theme to perfectly match your tastes or generate your own here : generate your own worpdress theme.

        Download Blue Ice Theme

        Download pink Theme

        Download greenBlue theme

        • Francais

        Wordpress theme Generator goes online

        November 30th, 2008

        Welcome to the release of the new Wordpress theme generator!

        Ok I know, there is already some other generators on the web but I think they are to basic : none of them has enough features to generate a fully customizable theme. That’s the reason why I decided to build my own.

        I’m planning to add more features in the next updates to always customize more elements in the layout. If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve the generator, feel free to contact me.

        The generated theme is compatible with current browers: FF2|3, IE6|7, Safari 3 and is widget ready but i’ll suggest you just go try it :

        Wordpress theme generator
        • Francais